Skin Abnormalities

  1. Create a page for your skin abnormality. The title of your page should be the name of the abnormality you are studying (Example: Acne). Include one picture of what your abnormality looks like and a paragraph that gives general information about your abnormality. Make sure to add a caption to the picture so you can cite the source of the picture.

  2. Read your classmates' entries. Find five entries that are intersting to you and post a question on that page for your classmates to answer. Please do not add a question to a post that already has five questions. You should add a different question to each post. In other words, you may not add the same question five times to five different pages. In addition, you may not repeat a question that has already been asked on a given page. Add your questions below the original paragraph of information and any other questions that have been posted. Please include your name in paraenthesis behind each question you post.

  3. Answer all questions for your abnormality. This may mean you have to do additional research to answer the question. Place the answer to each question directly below the question itself.

Use the Example Page at right for help with format questions