This is the skin disease Shingles. The only way you can get shingles is if you had chicken pox, you are most likely to contract shingles if you are over the age of 60, but you can still get it at a younger age. Also, you are more likely to contract it if you have a weakened immune system from things like cancer and AIDs. Usually you get a blusterous rash on one side of your body (left or right), this rash is very painful and you are usually given pain killers because of this painful rash. Shingles is also very contagious even if you haven’t had chickenpox if you come in contact with an effected person you are at risk and could possibly get shingles. If within 72 hours of getting the rash you can get medicine, this medicine can reduce the pain and length of the rash.

Q1: How long does shingles last? (A.Cameron)
A1: the rash last about 3 to 5 weeks, luckily the blisters leave no scars, but they may leave slight discoloration of the skin.
Q2: Is it possible to get shingles more than once? Because with chicken pox, cant you only get it once?! (M. Fujimoto)
A2: Yes, it is possibly to get shingles more than once, only it is very rare. Only about 4% of people who do get shingles get it a second time. Most people develop an immunity to the virus. If you do contract shingles again it may occur years later and in a different area.
Q3: Would the shingles come right after you have had chicken pox, or can you get them years later? (A. Jones)
A3:It normally wouldn’t come right after getting chickenpox, the virus can live in your system for inactive, once the virus becomes active is when you start showing symptoms, it is most common in people over the age of 60
Q4: What will happen to you if Shingles goes untreated? (M. Francis)
A4: If it is left untreated and if it goes into an advanced stage, this is very serious although there is no treatment for Shingles, there are medicine that can help the pain. When shingles is in an advanced stage you are at risk for developing chronic neuralgia, the pain from this is severe enough for a patient to cry from the pain
Q5: If Shingles is contagious and someone comes in contact with the disease are they completely immune to the disease or will they get some sort of rash or something?(E.Stanko)
A5: Shingles can be spread through the direct contact with the open sores, even if you haven’t had chicken pox you can still get shingles from an infected person. the only time shingles is contagious is if you come in contact with the clear fluid in the blisters