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Melanoma is a type of skin cancer, and the most deadly skin disease. It is caused by excessive exposure to the sun. It is most common in people with fair skin that burns easily. There are four major types of melanoma, superficial spreading is the most common and usually looks like irregular shaped freckles or moles. Some moles or freckles that have been present since birth can change into this disease. When checking for symptoms its best to look for irregularities in the spot. To treat the cancerous skin it usually has to be surgically removed, if it spreads too much, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or immunotherapy might have to be used.
Q1: How can you tell the difference between whether or not it's melanoma or if its a freckle? (M.Francis)

A1: if it is asymetrical, the borders are irregular, the color is also irregular, or if its larger than 6 mm in diameter, you should get it checked.

Q2: What are the survival rates of people who do contract this diease? (A. Martin)

A2: It is at about 91% for people that have survived for 5 years after being dianosed.

Q3: Does treatment of this disease cause illness? Or hurt someones immune system to make them more septiable to get sicker easier just like regular cancer? (S. Murray)

A3:If it is severe then yes, the chemotherapy will cause nausea, hair loss, fatigue, and pain. If it is not treated it can spread to other organs, or cause other damage to to deep tissue.

Q4: Can african american people get melanoma? (M.White)

A4:Yes, but the chances are less likely. If they do develop this desease their symptoms tend to be more severe than other Americans.

Q5: Are people of a certain age more suseptable to melanoma? (P. Melton)

A5:It is rare for young children to get melanoma, but it is not impossible. It is much more common for people over 30 years old.