Hand Foot and Mouth Disease is a common childhood illness. It is not serious and it normally goes away in 5 to 7 days. It can occur anytime of year but is more common in the Summer and Fall seasons. Hand foot and mouth disease is caused by a virus called Enterovirus. It is easily spread through the passing of germs such as sneezing, coughing, etc. The incubation period is about 3 to 6 days from the person being exposed to the disease until the symptoms appear. Symptoms include, a sore throat, fever of around 101-103F. In a day or so, sores may appear in mouth, on feet and hands, and occasionally the butt as well. Sometimes a skin rash appears before the blisters ever do. Blisters may break open or crust over but should be gone in a week or so. If they do bust you should treat them just as an open wound, and cover them to prevent further infection. Doctors are able to diagnose the disease by simply looking at the sores that appear. Usually it does not take treatment because it goes away on its own. The best thing you can do for it is give the person with the disease as much at home comfort as possible. This includes cold fluids, no spicy foods, no aspirin, and wear gloves if you apply ointment to the blisters to prevent yourself and others from getting the disease as well.

Q1: How can you tell the difference between Acne and Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease?(E.Stanko)
A1. The biggest difference between them is that acne normally does not appear on your feet or in your mouth. Also, acne is a problem that shows up when you are a teen or older, not when you are in your infant/toddler years.

Q2: Is there any specific type of environment or situation that would make a person more prone to the disease?(P. Melton)
A2: It is more likely to get it when you are in countries that are overcrowded with population or in places with very poor sanitation.

Q3. Why do mostly children only get this disease? (M. Goldberg)
A3. It is more common in children because outbreaks occur mostly in places such as nursery schools, kindergarten, and daycare centers because little kids are chewing on toys and such and they are being passed around from child to child.

Q4. Why is it more common in the summer and fall?(T.Bartlett)
A4. It is most common in summer and fall because that is when kids first start going back to school and are being surrounded by all the germs that are brought by all the younger kids which get passed around through most commonly:saliva.

Q5. What is it about the virus that causes the symptoms? (D. Antunes)
A5. The virus is found in things such as saliva, stool, and nasal mucus so when one person comes in contact with it, it spreads easily and causes the infection so spread widely through more people since it spreads through such common things.