This is the skin disease spaghetti. It is characterized by the appearance of tomatoes and pasta. Sometimes people will also have olives and basil. This disease may impact the digestive system, first causing great hunger then a stuffed feeling. The only current treatment is use of a fork. Some experimentation is going on using spoons. Current treatments are usually successful if patients have a big appetite.

Q1: How long does it take for the treatment to work? (C. Brown)
A1: It depends on the size of the outbreak. It make take hours to get thorugh a large plate.

Q2: Who is affected most by spaghetti? (M. Mouse)
A2: Spaghetti can affect anyone, although it is less likely to impact the very young who are not yet eating solid foods.

Q3: How do I avoid getting spaghetti? (B. Bunny)
A3: The best way to aviod spaghetti is to stay away from Italian restaurants like Bucca di Beppo.

Q4: Are there any variations of spaghetti? (F. Flintstone)
A4: The most common type is the tomato based sauce with the long thin noodles. However, there are many different forms of noodles that could also be classified as spaghetti. In addition, there are rare cases that involve alfredo sauce instead of the more common tomato symptoms.

Q5: Has anyone tried using a combined treatment of both fork and spoon? (SB Squarepants)
A5: There has been some research into using the combined treatments, but so far the results are inconclusive.