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Dandruff is basically flakes of skin that come off of somebodies head. Its medical name is pityriasis capitis. Dandruff is caused by two factors mainly. First, eczema can make scalp skin cells shed more frequently than normal. Secondly, it can be caused by a fungal infection. Dandruff can cause your scalp to become oily, or very dry and can also be very itchy. There are many treatments for dandruff. One is a medicated shampoo, like head & shoulders. Some other methods basically involve rubbing your scalp in the shower to get excess cells off instead of other treatments.

Q: Why does scratching the scalp exacerbate flake production?
(R. Hackle)
A: Scratching causes the flakes to fall off of the head faster rather than increase their production. Scratching can also damage the skin cells on the scalp and cause infections.

Q: I noticed your pictures have darker hair. Is the color of the hair connected to your chances of having dandruff? (S. Hardewig)
A: Dandruff is a skin problem and is caused by eczema or fungal infections of the scalp, not caused by the color of your hair.

Q:Can Dandruff lead to other things like balding if it is left untreated? (K. SANDER)
A:If left untreated, dandruff can cause infections on your scalp, but not balding.

Q: Is dandruff more common in male or females? (W.Stocker)
A:It is more common in males. Most likely due to hormones and the oil glands.

Q5: If it is caused by a fungal infection then could it be transfered from person to person?(G. Wilson)
A:No, it is not contagious.