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This skin disease is Allergic Contact Dermatitis. Allergic Contact Dermatitis is basically any type of rash or reaction that was caused by an irritant. For instance, if Doctors don't know what your rash specifically is, they'll usually tell you its Allgeric Contact Dermatitis. It is recognized by its red rash or bumps that often itch severely. It can also resemble a burn or blisters. Treatments are usually an oral antihistamines or a topical steroid depending on the severity of the itching. When given the treatment, one needs to be sure to use it every time it says to. Try to refrain from itching it at all costs. To prevent it, do your best to avoid irritants that you know affect you. Some common irritants are strong detergents or cleaning products, cosmetics, deodorant, certain clothing, rubber or latex, jewelry, and others. If signs of Allgeric Contact Dermatitis,please consult a doctor immediately.

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Q1: If someone comes incontact with the area, could they also breakout if they could develope a rash from the same thing? (g. Wilson)
A: Allgeric Contact Dermatitis is not contagious.

Q2: Can hives come from this disease, since it too is an allergic reaction? (S. Murray)
A: No. Hives can spread to your whole body where as allergic contact dermatitis only appears where the irritant has touched your body.

Q3: If left untreated what kind of complications can this disease cause? (K.SANDER)
A: The skin will become very irritated, it could change the skins color, and a secondary reaction can occur. Also, the reaction will happen almost constantly.

Q4: What would happen if someone infected could not refrain themselves from scratching the rash and scratched it too much? (D.Kong)
A: If you scratch it enough, it can begin to grow in size, and scratching it only makes it itch more.

Q5: How can different rashes be part of just Allergic Contact Dermatitis. (M. Goldberg)
A: Allgeric Contact Dermatitis is such a broad term that any rash that falls under its certain description (not contagious, only where an irritant touched, same description, etc..) can technically be classified under its catagory.

Q6: How long does it take for the rash or bumps to disappear? (A.Donaldson)