Age Spots
Age spots are generally caused by the UV rays from the sun. The melanin pigments in our skin that reflect the rays awat begin to deteriorate as we get older, which results in age spots. The good thing about them is they are completly harmless, and can be removed with special creams or with laser surgery. They are generally flat and oval shaped, and can be brown, black or even gray. The good thing about age spots is they are harmless, and dont affect any other organs. Age spots are also sometimes known as liver spots, though they have nothing to do with the liver.

Q1: Are certain types of skin more suceptible to age spots? (J. Murray)
A: Gererally it is just people with lighter skin color, and skin on older people, usaually age 40+, but they can occur on any skin type at any age.

Q2: You said that age spots are usually flat, but does that mean they can be raised? (M.White)
A: Age spots always appear flat, which is why some people get them confuseed with moles, however moles are raised up. But to answer your question, no age spots are flat.

Q3: Because of the relationship between age spots and UV rays, do people with age spots tend to have other problems involving skin damage (i.e. skin cancer)? (P. Melton)
A: Age spots are a result of skin damage by the suns UV rays, and skin cancer can also be from that, there is a chance people with age spots can also get skin cancer, but it wouldn't be BECAUSE of the age spots, just from the same reason as the age spots.

Q4: Would wearing sunscreen help reduce your chances of getting age spots? (W.Stocker)
A: Wearing sunscreen, long sleeves, hats, and sometimes eating foods with green leafy vegetables in them can help prevent age spots.

Q5: Can you get age spots from a tanning bed? (S. Murray)
A: Because a tanning bed also has UV lights in them, and that is a leading cause in age spots, there is a chance that age spots can form from too much time spent in the tanning bed, however spending time in the sun would be more harmful.

Q6:Why would eating green leafy vegetables help prevent age spots? (T.Bartlett)