Every person knows the feeling of waking up to find that lovely pimple right in the middle of his/her forehead. Although acne is not completely preventable, it is best to understand why it occurs and how to treat it. First things first, it is important to understand that acne is a normal process that starts whenever the oil glands become overactive during times of hormone changes. This usually happens during the process of puberty, but can happen throughout adulthood. In addition to puberty, stress also affects the production of oil in the skin, which can lead to more acne blemishes as well. What actually causes these blemishes is not just oily skin. It is the combination of oil, trapped dirt, and dead skin cells that becomes stuck in the pore/hair follicle area. This blockade of dirt, cells, and oil allow for bacteria to flourish in the follicle area. This bacteria is what causes the acne blemishes to look like the traditional pimple. There are many treatments out there, some designed to treat certain types of blemishes, and some with a higher success rate than others.

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Q:What are pock marks and how do pimples cause them? (R. Hackle)A: Pock marks are crater-like scares caused by some sort of deep infection in the skin. This infection causes the oil gland to swell to the point of bursting and white blood cells attack the infection. This eruption causes the callogen to be damaged, so it does not support the skin. This causes the appearance of a 'pocket' in the skin. Q. Is Acne hereditary? (J. Murray)A: It is hereditary to a point. If the parents had acne then there is a greater chance of the child developing acne. However, many lurking factors, such as stress levels can contribute to the over production of oil and a higher chance of developing acne. Q: When looking for an acne wash, is there a specific ingredient that helps more than others and should be present? (S. Hardewig)A: It depends on the individual's skin type. If someone has drier skin, then they should just use a soap-free face wash. However, the two typical ingredients that are most prevelant in face washes are benzoyl peroxide and sayclic acid. Both of these ingredients are used to kill the bacteria which contribute to the formation of the pimples. Q: Why do some people seem to have more severe acne than others? (K. SANDER)A: The severity of acne depends primarily on the hormonal changes of the individual and the amount of stress the individual is under (increases production of sebum). Q:So the puss that comes out of it is oil and dirt? (CRICH)A; It is dead bacteria, white blood cells ( the things that kill the bacteria/infection), skin cells, oil, and usually dirt. Q: Can you have more acne or breakouts from certain types of food? (C.Chapman)
The research that has been done on a break out and food correlation has proven that there is not a specific food or food group that can make a person break out. However, according to The Center for Food Allergies, some research HAS found a correlation between food allergies and acne. If someone has a mild allergy to food, and the person continues to eat the food, it has been shown that the allergy causes some people to break out with pimples.